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Uncovering the Dynamics of the Wealth Distribution
April 3, 2023 |

  This paper introduces a new way of decomposing the evolution of the wealth distribution using a simple continuous time stochastic model, which separates the ... Continue reading

Climate inequality report 2023, Fair taxes for a sustainable future in the global South
January 30, 2023 |

  The climate crisis has begun to disrupt human societies by severely  affecting the very foundations of human livelihood and social organisation. Climate impacts are ... Continue reading

Do the Wealthy Underreport their Income? Using General Election Filings to Study the Income-Wealth Relationship in India
January 13, 2023 |

  The income reporting behaviour of different wealth groups is a critical public finance issue that has remained under-researched in the Indian and international contexts. ... Continue reading

Household Wealth and its distribution in the Netherlands, 1854-2019
December 19, 2022 |

  We analyze the evolution of aggregate household wealth, its composition, and top wealth shares since the mid-19th century for the Netherlands, a country which ... Continue reading

Rethinking Capital and Wealth Taxation
December 19, 2022 |

This paper reviews recent developments in the theory and practice of optimal capital taxation. We emphasize three main rationales for capital taxation. First, the frontier ... Continue reading

Top Wealth in America: A Reexamination
December 19, 2022 |

  Recent estimates of US top wealth shares obtained by capitalizing income tax returns (Saez and Zucman, 2020; Smith, Zidar and Zwick, 2022) are close ... Continue reading

Distributional National Accounts for Australia, 1991-2018
December 19, 2022 |

  We produce estimates of the full distribution of all national income in Australia for the period 1991 to 2018, by combining household survey with ... Continue reading

Distributional National Accounts of Taiwan, 1991-2017
December 19, 2022 |

  We construct the pre-tax Distributional National Accounts (DINA) of Taiwan from 1981 to 2017 using survey data. Our DINA individual income series demonstrates a ... Continue reading

Real-Time Inequality
December 19, 2022 |

  This paper constructs high-frequency and timely income distributions for the United States. We develop a methodology to combine the information contained in high-frequency public ... Continue reading