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New paper on top incomes shares in the Netherlands
juin 7, 2019 |

The new WID.word Working paper 2019/2, “Top Incomes, Income and Wealth Inequality in the Netherlands: The first 100 Years 1914–2014 – what’s next?” by Wiemer ... Continuer la lecture

New paper on pre-tax income inequality for Poland
juin 7, 2019 |

This new paper by Pawel Bukowski and Filip Novokmet updates and revises published series on pre-tax income inequality in Poland. It replaces existing Working ... Continuer la lecture

Top income shares for New Zealand extended to 2016
juin 7, 2019 |

The series of top shares of fiscal income for New Zealand have been extended to 2016. The series have also been revised from 2000 to 2014, ... Continuer la lecture

Australian top income shares extended from 1912 to 1920
avril 30, 2019 |

The series of top shares of fiscal income for Australia have been extended in the database to cover years from 1912 to 1920. This is ... Continuer la lecture

Update of top income share series for Australia
avril 29, 2019 |

Australian top fiscal income share series have just been updated to 2016 by Roger Wilkins. The top 1% income share reached 9% in 2016  (Click ... Continuer la lecture

New paper on wealth-income ratios in India, 1860-2012
avril 10, 2019 |

This new paper by Rishabh Kumar studies the metamorphoses of aggregate Indian wealth over fifteen politically transformative decades. Based on a comprehensive new database, the ... Continuer la lecture

Nouvelle étude sur l’évolution des inégalités en Europe, 1980-2017
avril 1, 2019 |

Dans cette nouvelle étude et dans la synthèse qui l’accompagne (disponible en anglais, allemand, français et espagnol), Thomas Blanchet, Lucas Chancel and Amory Gethin estiment ... Continuer la lecture

New paper on the long-run evolution of political cleavages in India
mars 18, 2019 |

This new paper by Abhijit Banerjee, Amory Gethin and Thomas Piketty combines surveys, election results and social spending data to document a long-run evolution of political ... Continuer la lecture

New paper on top income inequality in Belgium, 1990-2013
février 19, 2019 |

This new paper by André Decoster, Koen Dedobbeleer and Sebastiaan Maes documents the evolution of top income inequality in Belgium using tax tabulations and national accounts data. Their results ... Continuer la lecture