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Global cities’ contribution to inequality is more driven by financialization than globalization, new study finds
juillet 26, 2023 |

Global cities contribute to income inequality by concentrating high-paying jobs. But how much and why? Is it because they are major metropolises, political decision-making centers, ... Continuer la lecture

Stranded fossel-fuel assets and climate action in the US and Europe
juin 19, 2023 |

Potential pension fund losses should not deter high-income countries from bold climate action Containing global temperature rise to 1.5° in order to meet the Paris ... Continuer la lecture

Trading non-tradables: the implications of Europe’s job posting policy
juin 19, 2023 |

This paper examines the impacts of the EU posting policy, a large trade and temporary migration program facilitated by the free provision of services. The ... Continuer la lecture

Is Charitable Giving Political? Evidence from Wealth and Income Tax Returns in France
juin 19, 2023 |

There has been a rise in philanthropy in Western democracies in recent years. In France, charitable giving increased by 78.6% increase between 2006 and 2019. ... Continuer la lecture

Anti-corruption campaign in China: An empirical investigation
avril 26, 2023 |

  Using official information published by Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) of the CPC, we construct a database of officials who have been found ... Continuer la lecture

The Impact of Communist Party Membership on Wealth Distribution and Accumulation in Urban China
avril 26, 2023 |

This paper provides the first in-depth investigation into the evolution of the wealth gap between CCP and non-CCP households in urban China from 1995 to ... Continuer la lecture

Preliminary Estimates of Global Posttax Income Distributions
avril 4, 2023 |

This technical note combines data from household surveys, government budgets, tax simulators, national accounts, and detailed fiscal incidence studies to construct a new database on ... Continuer la lecture

Historical Inequality Series
avril 4, 2023 |

The purpose of this technical note is to describe the construction of’s long-run per-adult income inequality series and adjustments made to ensure consistency with ... Continuer la lecture

Wealth and Property Taxation in the United States
avril 3, 2023 |

We study the history and geography of wealth accumulation in the US, using newly collected historical property tax records since the early 1800s. The US ... Continuer la lecture