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Wealth Distribution in Germany
juin 23, 2022 |

Wealth and its Distribution in Germany, 1895-2018     In this paper, Thilo N. H. Albers, Charlotte Bartels and Moritz Schularick present the first comprehensive ... Continuer la lecture

South Africa’s Post-Apartheid Income Distribution
mai 11, 2022 |

South Africa’s distributive regime is striking to all who observe it. In this paper, Adam Aboobaker situates developments in post-apartheid income distribution within key macroeconomic ... Continuer la lecture

The Inequality (or the Growth) We Measure. Data Gaps and the Distribution of Incomes
mai 3, 2022 |

  There is a large gap between income estimates used in inequality studies and macroeconomic statistics. This makes it hard to assess how economic growth ... Continuer la lecture

Anatomy of the Global Saving Glut
avril 28, 2022 |

Anatomy of the Global Saving Glut   In this paper, Luis Bauluz, Filip Novokmet and Moritz Schularick provide a distributional perspective on global saving and ... Continuer la lecture

A brief history of inequality, by Thomas Piketty
avril 22, 2022 |

“An opportunity for readers to see Piketty bring his larger argument about the origins of inequality and his program for fighting it into high relief.”— ... Continuer la lecture

Publication du Rapport sur les inégalités mondiales 2022 !
avril 21, 2022 |

    « Lisez ce rapport, faites-en connaître les conclusions, trouvez des moyens d’agir en conséquence ! » Abhijit Banerjee et Esther Duflo       Résumé: Rapport ... Continuer la lecture

Globalization and Factor Income Taxation
avril 11, 2022 |

Globalization and Factor Income Taxation   How has globalization affected the relative taxation of labor and capital, and why? To address this question, Pierre Bachas, Matthew ... Continuer la lecture

Wealth Inequality in Interwar Poland
mars 31, 2022 |

Wealth Inequality in Interwar Poland   In this paper, Marcin Wroński provides the first estimates of wealth inequality in Poland in the interwar period.  To estimate wealth ... Continuer la lecture

Newsletter | March 2022
mars 29, 2022 |

📥 Read or download the newsletter (pdf) 🔔 Subscribe to the newsletter: click here       Data visualization: Realtime Inequality   The impact of ... Continuer la lecture