December 22, 2023
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What’s new about wealth inequality in the world?

The 2023 update of the World Inequality Database includes wealth inequality data up to 2022.

Key findings

  • The top 10% own nearly ¾ of the world’s wealth, while half the world’s population is almost entirely deprived of wealth.

  • The wealth owned by the 0.01% rose from less than 8% of total wealth in 1995 to nearly 12% today. The entry threshold of this group rose from €7,8 million (PPP) in 1995 to €21,9 million today. The gap between the top 0,01% and the bottom 50% has kept going up in 2022 and is now about 50% higher than what it was in 2008.

  • The Inequality Transparency Index shows that no country in the world is fully transparent about the measurement of wealth and capital income inequality.

Luis Bauluz, Aggregate Wealth coordinator, said:

“The measurement of wealth and its distribution is still in its early stages. Numerous countries worldwide lack fundamental data concerning the trends in assets and debt, especially regarding households (we possess slightly more information regarding governments and foreign investors). Considering the significant influence of wealth on household choices and welfare, it’s crucial for international institutions to prioritize collecting and publishing these specific statistics.”



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