May 3, 2021
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Second World Inequality Conference – Call for papers

World Inequality Conference - Call for papers

The World Inequality Lab is organizing the second World Inequality Conference (previously Conference), which will be hosted by the Paris School of Economics on December 7th and 8th, 2021. We hope to be able to hold a ‘standard’ in situ event at the Paris School of Economics and we are looking at other arrangements as well (fully virtual sessions, or hybrid sessions, i.e. with both in-person and virtual attendees cannot be ruled out for the moment).

The conference will be structured along three axes:

(i) Presentations of research on all dimensions of socioeconomic inequality, for which we are welcoming submissions of completed papers or detailed drafts.

(ii) The releasing of the World Inequality Report 2022. The report will provide global estimates of income and wealth inequality drawing on the latest evidence gathered in, and will discuss implications for future research and for the global policy debate on rising inequality.

(iii) Presentations on progress made in the DINA-Distributional National Accounts agenda, in the context of the ERC Synergy Project by PSE, Oxford and UC-Berkeley.

Paper submission. Please submit your paper in pdf format to by September 5th, 2021, indicating whether you will require funding, and whether you are a PhD student. Decisions are expected to be announced by September 20th, 2021.

Financial assistance. Unfortunately, we have limited funding. We will make our best to contribute to the travel and lodging expenses (if conditions permit…) for a number of selected papers, in particular for presenting PhD students with no other funding source. We will be grateful if you can contribute to the costs of your attendance from a research grant at your disposal.

Requests to attend the conference but not to present a paper. If you wish to attend the conference, but do not plan to present a paper, please send an email to  with your name and affiliation by September 27th, 2021. Depending on the circumstances, it may not be possible to accept all requests.

Organization details: There will be no fees. In case of in-person attendance, participants will be responsible for making their own travel arrangements, with the exception of authors granted financial assistance.

Scientific Committee:

Chair: Facundo Alvaredo

Members: L. Azzollini, R. Carranza Navarrete, L. Chancel, L. Estévez Bauluz, I. Flores Beale, J. Goupille-Lebret, C. Martínez Toledano, B. Nolan, T. Piketty, A-S. Robilliard, E. Saez, L. Yang, G. Zucman

You can check the program of the First Conference here.