December 14, 2023
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A response to Auten and Splinter’s denial of US inequality

Thomas Piketty, Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman respond to Auten and Splinter’s paper published in the Journal of Political Economy in November 2023, which denies the extent of rising inequality in the United States since 1960.

Auten and Splinter’s 2023 paper reproduces methodological errors already made in earlier drafts, which were already debunked in 2019.

In this new note, the co-directors  of the World Inequality Lab (WIL) show that Auten and Splinter incorrectly allocate a large and growing amount of untaxed business and capital income to the bottom of the distributon.



  • Thomas Piketty, WIL, Paris School of Economics
  • Emmanuel Saez, WIL, UC Berkeley
  • Gabriel Zucman, WIL, PSE, UC Berkeley



  •  Alice Fauvel, Communications Manager, alice.fauvel[at] +33(0)763918168 ; press[at]