6 octobre 2020
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“Unsustainable Inequalities”, Lucas Chancel

“Unsustainable Inequalities. Social Justice and the Environment”, by Lucas Chancel

Unsustainable Inequalities- Lucas Chancel


Can we fight poverty and inequality while protecting the environment? These challenges are at the center of “Unsustainable inequalities: Social Justice and the Environment” (Harvard University Press, 2020). The book was originally published in French , under the title “Insoutenables inégalités. Pour une justice sociale et environnementale” (edited by Les Petits Matins, 2017).

In Unsustainable Inequalities, Lucas Chancel explores the links between environmental protection and social justice and discusses how environmental inequalities are becoming the new frontier of social injustices. The book argues that it is possible to reconcile social justice and environmental protection, provided substantial changes in how governments design their social policies as well as  tax and investments policies.

Reviews of Unsustainable Inequalities

  • “Rising inequality and global warming are the most pressing issues of our time. Written by one of world’s leading experts on global inequality trends and sustainable development, this book demonstrates that they can and should be addressed together, and offers refreshing perspectives on how to do so. A must-read.” – Thomas Piketty
  • “Sobering but essential… [Chancel] identifies social inequality as a core driver of environmental unsustainability that leads to a vicious circle wherein the rich consume more and the poor lose access to environmental resources and become increasingly vulnerable to environmental shocks.” – Science Magazine
  • “In this concise and precise book Chancel offers an indispensable metric to reveal the class conflicts that cut across the simplistic divide between ecology and social justice, reconciling those afraid of the ‘end of the world’ and those trying to ‘make ends meet.’” – Bruno Latour
  • “Lucas Chancel reflects on the complex articulation of the environmental and the socioeconomic spheres… [The book] opens up avenues toward a more desirable and livable future.” – Le Monde

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Lucas Chancel is co-director of the World Inequality Lab and co-editor of the World Inequality Report 2018. A lecturer at Sciences Po, he is also Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI).

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