octubre 4, 2019
Autor: WID.world

New paper on income inequality in Africa, 1990-2017

This new paper by Lucas Chancel, Denis Cogneau, Amory Gethin and Alix Myczkowski makes a first cautious attempt to estimate the evolution of income inequality in Africa from 1990 to 2017 by combining surveys, tax data and national accounts. Results suggest that income inequality in Africa is very high, and stands at par with the most unequal regions of the world. The bulk of continent-wide income inequality comes from the within country component, and the between country component was even slightly reduced in the two last decades, due to higher growth in poorer countries. The authors stress the need for improved transparency and statistical capacities, at the level of African countries and at the level of Africa as a whole, to properly measure the distribution of economic growth.

Figure – Inequality levels across world regions, 2017