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Contagious coercion: The effect of plagues on serfdom in the Baltics
noviembre 27, 2023 |

What drives labor coercion? Do plagues increase labor coercion by creating labor scarcity? Labor scarcity is the main hypothesized determinant of labor coercion Domar (1970), ... Continuar leyendo

Progressive taxation remains the global exception, new study shows
noviembre 26, 2023 |

What is the level and incidence of taxes and transfers worldwide, since 1980? Which countries do the most to reduce income disparities through taxes and ... Continuar leyendo

Unveiling Inequalities: Insights from the 2024 Asia-Pacific Human Development Report
noviembre 17, 2023 |

  The 2024 Asia-Pacific Human Development Report provides an assessment of the state of human development in Asia and the Pacific and policy pathways to ... Continuar leyendo

How do Chinese and French preferences for redistribution differ?
octubre 24, 2023 |

What influences our perceptions of inequality and our views of fairness? What drives the difference in demand for redistribution across countries? Why do poor people ... Continuar leyendo

How much does knowing where their money comes from affect what we think about the top 1%?
octubre 17, 2023 |

How much of the income of rich people comes from capital and how much from labor? And how does knowing this affect our perceptions of ... Continuar leyendo

How does economic inequality change society?
octubre 11, 2023 |

How do we believe economic inequality changes society – through for example the amount of crime or the quality of democratic institutions? And do our ... Continuar leyendo

Global inequality of hourly income
septiembre 27, 2023 |

Where do people work the most, and earn the most? Is there a link between working hours and income inequality? Anique Ahmed compares variations in ... Continuar leyendo

Elections and social inequalities in France, 1789-2022
septiembre 6, 2023 |

Thomas Piketty and Julia Cagé’s new book, Une histoire du conflit politique, Elections et inégalités sociales en France, 1789-2022, will be published on Friday 8 ... Continuar leyendo

The far-right donation gap
agosto 29, 2023 |

Although the 21st century is often portrayed as the “age of philanthropy”, with an unprecedented increase in charitable giving, the proportion of the population giving ... Continuar leyendo