17 novembre 2022
Ecrit par WID.world

What’s new about inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa?

WID.world released its 2022 annual inequality data update for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Three key results are worth highlighting: first, despite some decrease, income inequality as measured by the top 10% income share, remains very high in the Africa region and the patterns highlighted previously – in particular the distinctive North-South gradient – remain valid ; second, gender inequality exhibits important variability across the continent with the female income share ranging from 8% in Somalia to 41% in Guinea-Bissau ; third, the top 10% share and female labor income share appear to be positively correlated. This is partly due to the fact that, in high inequality countries in particular, women appear to be overly represented in informal sectors.

Link to Issue Brief by Anne-Sophie Robilliard.

Link to Technical Note providing details on data and methods.

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