17 novembre 2022
Ecrit par WID.world

What’s new about inequality in Europe?

WID.world released its 2022 annual inequality data update for Western  and Eastern Europe.

Our inequality data for Europe covers all countries of the continent since 1980. Over the past years, average income levels in Eastern Europe continued to converge with those in Western Europe, owing to a core group of Eastern EU-member states catching up with EU-member states in the Southern periphery. The necessary data to properly analyse distributional dynamics within countries during the Covid-19 pandemic are still scarce, so the continuation of the relative stability in income inequality since the Great Recession is up for question. Data production and availability in Europe still has much room to improve. Now more than never, research based on high-quality and timely data is crucial to enable governments to adequately tackle the current and future economic challenges.

Link to Issue Brief by Theresa Neef and Alice Sodano.

Link to Technical Note on providing details on data series and methods.

Contact WID.world’s Western and Eastern Europe coordinators for any question about the data: alice.sodano@psemail.eu (Western Europe) theresa.neef@psemail.eu (Eastern Europe)

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