26 juillet 2023
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The World Inequality Lab is looking for MSCA Postdoctoral Fellows


Are you a postdoctoral researcher working on inequality dynamics? Are you based outside of France and willing to expand your experience with a stay at Paris School of Economics? Then respond to our call for interest to join the World Inequality Lab as a Marie Sklodowska Curie Action (MSCA) Postdoctoral Fellow!


About the MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship

It targets researchers holding a PhD who wish to carry out their research activities abroad, acquire new skills, and develop their careers.

It is based on the application of a postdoctoral researcher previously approved by a host institution – Paris School of Economics(PSE)/World Inequality Lab.

It provides funding for postdoctoral researchers (the grant covers up to two years’ salary, a mobility allowance, and research costs) and overheads for the host institution.


Joining the World Inequality Lab

The World Inequality Lab is looking for postdoctoral researcher candidates working in the fields of economics and social sciences with interests in inequality dynamics (income and wealth inequalities, political cleavages, climate inequality, gender inequality, etc.).

Interested candidates are invited to send their research proposals* to info@wid.world by 24 July 2023.  The proposal must include:

  • An abstract of 2000 characters maximum
  • A project proposal following the format and guidelines indicated in part B1 of the EU MSCA application form
  • A CV

The host institution will review the research proposals and notify the candidate(s) of the results of the call for interest by 5 August 2023. The successful candidate(s) will be contacted by a supervisor directly and sent feedback on their research proposal. PSE will submit the application online by 13 September 2023 after further exchanges with the candidate to complete the proposal.

Proposed duration of the Fellowship: 2 years

Jourdan Campus (PSE/ENS)


Location: PSE, 48 boulevard Jourdan, Paris 14, France. The successful candidate(s) will benefit from PSE’s working environment and will have access to an office and all amenities on site.


Criteria to apply

  • You should have a PhD degree at the time of the deadline for applications (13 September)
  • Your must have a maximum of eight years’ experience in research from the date of the award of their PhD degree
  • You must not have resided or carried out your main activity (work, studies, etc.) in France for more than 12 months in the 36 months before the call deadline


  • 24 July 2023: Deadline to submit your interest with us
  • 5 August 2023: Deadline to receive a notification response from us
  • 13 September 2023: Deadline to submit a proposal to the European Commission – Horizon Europe MSCA-PF
  • June 2024: Grant agreement signature for successful projects (TBC)
  • June 2024: First EU-funded projects start (TBC)


Find out more about the criteria and the application process here.

Download the Handbook to write a PSCA PF proposal here.

Any question? Get in touch info@wid.world


*The MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships are highly competitive, so it is essential to put together a strong application.