24 octobre 2023
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How do Chinese and French preferences for redistribution differ?

What influences our perceptions of inequality and our views of fairness? What drives the difference in demand for redistribution across countries? Why do poor people not demand more redistribution, especially in developing countries?

Contributing to a growing literature that uses survey experiments to study views of fairness and redistributive preferences, these two working papers compare the cases of China and France. The first paper uses an online survey experiment with a nationally representative sample in China during its transition to a more market-oriented economy. The second paper conducts an incentivized redistribution experiment with elite university students in China and France.



    • Margot Belguise, Department of Economics, Warwick University (UK)
    • Nora Yuqian Chen, Department of Government, Harvard University (US)
    • Yuchen Huang, Paris School of Economics (FR)
    • Zhexun Mo, Paris School of Economics and World Inequality Lab (FR)



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