1 juillet 2021
Ecrit par WID.world

Contribution to Routledge’s handbook on the Middle East Economy

Facundo Alvaredo, Lydia Assouad and Thomas Piketty contributed to the Routledge Handbook on the Middle East Economy”, to be published on July 9th 2021. The chapter “Measuring Inequality in the Middle East”, part of the section IV on Poverty, Inequality and Social Policy, comes as a continuity of the research papers and data about inequality in the Middle East, available on WID.world.

Summary of the book


Middle East Economy - RoutledgeThis handbook captures the salient features of Middle Eastern economies and critically examines the public policy responses required to address the challenges and opportunities across the region. Combining discussion of theory and empirical evidence, the book maps out the evolution of Middle East economics as a field within area studies and applied development economics.

Book details

  • Hassan Hakimian (ed.), The Routledge Handbook on the Middle East Economy, Routledge, 1st Edition, 9 July 2021
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