दिसम्बर 9, 2019
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Publication of the Human Development Report!

The World Inequality Lab is glad to announce its contribution to the Human Development Report 2019 “Beyond Income, Beyond Averages, Beyond Today: Inequalities in Human Development in the 21st Century“, launched today by the United Nations Development Programme. 

The joint work of Lucas Chancel (WIL, IDDRI), Denis Cogneau (EHESS, IRD, PSE), Amory Gethin (WIL), Alix Myczkowski (WIL) and Thomas Piketty (EHESS, PSE) led to the chapter entitled “Measuring Inequality in Income and Wealth” (pp.103-143). The authors present and discuss recent findings about inequality in emerging and rich countries. They stress the importance of better measurement to properly address the issue, consequently the need of timely, standardized and universally recognized statistics publication.

The collaboration between the UNDP and the WIL is the result of a partnership centered on the production and analysis of inequality data in developing countries, in the context of UN Sustainable Development goals.

Read the full Human Development Report and the overview

In order to make a step towards the access to quality data on the distribution of income and wealth, and to give a sense of the road ahead, WID.world publishes an inequality transparency index — an evolutive and collaborative tool, describing the availability and quality of information on income and wealth inequality in a given country.



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