नवम्बर 5, 2019
लेखक WID.world

Compare your income to that of African citizens

The WID.world income comparator has been extended to all African countries based on the work done by Lucas Chancel, Denis Cogneau, Amory Gethin and Alix Myczkowski. Figures must be interpreted with care given the limits of the data sources available, but reveal striking results.

With €2000 per month at purchasing power parity, an adult is located at the middle of the income distribution in France but belongs to the top 5% of African adult income earners. High inequality and dualism in Africa implies that the average income of top 1% African earners is higher than €11,000 per month, while median income is lower than €240.

A summary of the levels and trends in inequality in Africa based on the works done by the authors can be found here.

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