febrero 7, 2020
Autor: WID.world

Argentina’s new government and WIL to cooperate in data production


Paris, February 5th, 2019  – The World Inequality Lab (WIL) met with Alberto Fernandez, President of Argentina, and his delegation, composed of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Argentine Ambassador to France, among other members.



President Fernandez expressed his wish to make better inequality data available in Argentina. To this regard, the World Inequality Lab will be glad to provide support and expertise, and is now waiting to see the concrete form this plan will take. The objective is to facilitate public access to both detailed national accounts and high-quality tax data to integrate inequality measures into macroeconomic statistics, in line with the Distributional National Accounts framework engaged by the WIL.

The World Inequality Lab is delighted with this commitment, which coincides with the discussions conducted between the WIL and various high-level decision-makers and international organizations. On this same day, António Guterres, the UN Secretary General – during a meeting between him, different UN representatives and the WIL – stressed the importance of transparent economic data for peaceful democratic debates. Countries’ commitment to the production and dissemination of transparent economic information is essential to foster an informed public debate and to implement public policies able to efficiently address the issue of inequality.



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