अप्रैल 4, 2023
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Historical Inequality Series

The purpose of this technical note is to describe the construction of WID.world’s long-run per-adult income inequality series and adjustments made to ensure consistency with our long-run per-capita series and existing per-adult series. These estimates are mainly based on the assumptions and methodology outlined in Chancel and Piketty 2021. For further details, please refer to this paper and its associated appendices.

In this document, we detail how we built on these estimates to construct similar income inequality series when income is allocated among adults (20 years of age and older) rather than among all citizens. This entailed a three-step process: 1) estimating adult population totals for each country and region, 2) estimating per-adult income shares, and 3) ensuring maximum consistency between these new estimates and previous estimates, and potentially adjusting earlier estimates. We also describe adjustments made to historical pretax income inequality series that are based on historical fiscal income series.


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