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English Language Media

Monstrous Indian Income Inequality, The Economic & Political Weekly, October 7 2017.

Here’s how India’s widening income distribution can be redressed, The Economic Times, September 25 2017.

India’s “Billionaire Raj” Era: Time to Reform Personal Income Tax, The Wire, September 20 2017.

Country of a Chosen Few, Indian Express, September 16 2017.

Equality for What?, The Hindu, September 14 2017.

India May Have Worst Income Inequality Levels for Almost a Century, The National, September 13 2017.

Why Inequality in India is at its Highest in 92 years, BBC News, September 12 2017.

Interview with the Hindu on Indian Income Inequality, The Hindu, September 8 2017.

The Inequality Debate (video), Economic Times Now, September 7 2017.

Thomas Piketty on the Russian Kleptocracy, Axios, September 6 2017.

Inequality in India may be at its Highest Level Since 1922, Times of India, September 6 2017.

India has gone from British Raj to Billionaire Raj: Report, Times of India Business, September 6 2017.

Russia is becoming more like America in a way that could be deeply divisive, Business Insider, August 14 2017.

Piketty Zeroes in on Putin’s pain point, Bloomberg, August 14 2017.

Our Broken economy, in one simple chart, The New York Times, August 7 2017.

China’s economic miracle has an ugly underbelly, Washington Post, May 1 2017.

Inequality in France, Le Monde, April 18 2017.

Don’t listen to the crude lobbying of the right – the rich do not bear the greatest tax burden, The Independent, March 21 2017.

Public capital, private capital, Le Monde, March 14 2017.

Why Chinese citizens seem more tolerant of rising inequality than Westerners, The Economist, February 16 2017.

Inequality in China, Le Monde, February 14 2017.

South Africa’s rich getting richer, The South African, January 17 2017.

WID.world: new data series on inequality and the collapse of bottom incomes, Le Monde, January 11 2017.

Obama, over and out: What legacy for the first African-American president? France24, January 10 2017.

Reality Check: Has inequality been getting worse?, BBC Business News, January 10 2017.

Anthony B. Atkinson, Economist Who Pioneered Study of Inequality, Dies at 72, The New York Times, January 3 2017.

New Research Charts Surging Income Inequality in United States, Berkeley News, December 19 2016.

Nine New Findings about Inequality in the United States, New York Times, December 16 2016.

A Bigger Economic Pie, but a Smaller Slice for Half of the U.S., New York Times, December 6 2016.

Measuring Global Inequality, Monthly Review, November 6 2016.

Increase property taxes to curb rising inequality: Thomas Piketty’s warning for down under, The Sydney Morning Herald, October 10 2016.

Why So Few American Economists Are Studying Inequality, The Atlantic, September 13 2016.

Why the Rise of the One Percent Makes Janet Yellen’s Job Harder, Bloomberg, August 3 2016.

New Marx lectures on social justice in Egypt, Daily News Egypt, June 5 2016.

Korea’s top 10 percent bag 45 percent of income, The Korea Times, March 18 2016.

Inequality in America, Le Monde, March 6 2016.

As Bay Area economy booms, the rich get richer, study shows, San Francisco Chronicle, February 26 2016.

As the rich get richer everyone else gets less happy, The Guardian, February 16 2016.


Médias francophones


Le Capital, toujours utile pour penser la question économique et sociale?, France Culture, 9 octobre 2017.

La gauche en travaux : quelles idées pour la refonder ?, France Culture, 1 juin 2017.

De l’inégalité en France, Le Monde, 15 avril 2017.

Capital public, capital privé, Le Monde, 14 mars 2017.

Thomas Piketty [co-]crée un observatoire des inégalités mondiales, Le Temps, 22 février 2017.

De l’inégalité en Chine, Le Monde, 11 février 2017.

Un monde d’inégalités, Radio France Internationale, 21 janvier 2017.

WID.world : nouvelles données sur les inégalités et l’effondrement des bas revenus, Le Monde, 11 janvier 2017.

La mesure statistique des inégalités doit servir de boussole aux gouvernements, Le Monde, 5 janvier 2017.

Disparition de Anthony B. Atkinson, Le Monde, 3 janvier 2017.

Le Moyen-Orient est la région la plus inégalitaire du monde, L’Orient Le Jour, 4 juin 2016.

De l’inégalité en Amérique, Le Monde, 18 février 2016.


Los medios de comunicación de habla hispana

El 32% no es único en el mundo, Elentreríos, 9 Octubre 2016.

Desigualdad en España: La asignatura pendiente, Público, 17 Junio 2016.

Las seis gráficas que desmontan el pesimismo sobre la desigualdad en España, Libre Mercado, 13 Febrero 2016.


Mídia de língua portuguesa

‘Desigualdade no Brasil é escolha política’ diz economista, Folha de São Paulo, 24 Setembro 2017.

Caiu ou não a desigualdade no Brasil?, Carta Capital, 23 Setembro 2017.

Fatia de 1% da população concentra mais de 23% da renda do país, Valor, 21 Setembro 2017.

Editorial: Cronicamente desigual, Folha de São Paulo, 17 Setembro 2017.

Brasil não redistribuiu renda do topo para a base da pirâmide, Folha de São Paulo, 14 Setembro 2017.

Desigualdade no país não caiu entre 2001 e 2015, Revista Amanhã, 11 Setembro 2017.

Desigualdade de renda no Brasil não caiu entre 2001 e 2015, revela estudo, Empresa Brasil de Comunicação, 9 Setembro 2017.

Desigualdade de renda no Brasil não caiu entre 2001 e 2015, aponta estudo, Folha de São Paulo, 8 Setembro 2017.